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What is Linkorado? Linkorado offers you an easy way to find link exchange partners with content like your own websites. This link exchange service is free and can be very effective. Improve your link popularity starting today.

Frequently Asked Questions page.
Must a site description be written in English?
Yes, all descriptions must be written in English. There is one exception: if you want to place your site anywhere in the 'Other Languages' sub directory you can use one of the languages available. See the list of other languages.
How many sites can I add?
You can add as many sites as you want. During our test period you are not required to link back to Linkorado.com for the first couple of sites. When we have concluded our test period your first link exchange for a new site will be a link exchange with linkorado.com: we link to you - you link to us. But you are welcome to do so ofcourse and help promote this site.
I did not receive the activation e-mail
You can request the activation e-mail again. And also check your junk mail folder. We do not send junk, but some e-mail programs think we do.
How to exchange links?
See our How To Exchange Links page.
The process was very smooth and self explanatory - no need to be a rocket scientist here! So... when will I begin getting tons of traffic and thousand of inbound links to my sites?
We need a lot of sites to participate to find you suitable link partners. So invite your friends, fellow webmasters, colleagues etc to join Linkorado.com. And be sure to add all your websites using the "Add a new website" link on your account page.
I would like my site to be listed in category A and in category B?
At this time a site can be listed in only one category
List of blogs exchange link with Direktori Blog Indonesia via Linkorado