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Title : Blog Catalog
Description :  Writers and Photographers: Food, Fashion, Humor, Love, Politics, Movies and More.
The Team
URL : http://www.blogcatalog.com

Antony Berkman / CEO

Berkman is responsibile for strategic direction of BlogCatalog. Berkman has been a key player in the internet since 1997 when he founded Goin2Travel.com, one of the first vacation rental listing sites on the web, and is a strong advocate for bloggers' rights and uniting bloggers behind social causes primarily though BloggersUnite, the first blogger social cause iniitiative on the internet.
Berkman has business and law degrees from London School of Economics, Georgetown Law Center and Emory University.

Angelica Alaniz / President

Alaniz is a seasoned internet entrepreneur. She has founded and sold numerous internet based businesses including Goin2travel.com and 4BeachNuts.com, HalfHourMeals.com and SiteProPlus.com.
Alaniz is the driving force behind Blogcatalog and has taken BlogCatalog from being one of the first blog directories on the web to the leading blog directory and place for bloggers and readers to connect.

Emilio Silvas / Lead Developer

Not knowing if he wanted to be a doctor or priest, Emilio graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Biology. After a decade conducting cancer research, he left the lab bench and moved into an office. A founding partner of web applications firm Weblings, Inc., he is now a web developer and social media evangelist at BlogCatalog.
His weapon of choice is a Macbook Pro 15″ Core i7.

John Forch / Advisor

Forch has served as an advvisor of the Company since 2010. Mr. Forch is the founder and the Managing Partner of Forch & Associates, LLC, a financial services firm based in Northern Virginia. Mr. Forch was formerly a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, from which he retired in 2002. With the firm he served in various senior management and client service partner positions in the Miami and Washington, D.C. offices.
Mr. Forch is a Certified Public Accountant in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of Florida.

Contact Information

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Suite 209
San Antonio TX 78238