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Deskripsi Greenhouse Co-working Space offers flexible and workspaces for companies from all sizes in the most strategic heart of Jakarta. Our prices start from IDR two million per month We provide environments to cater your needs for meetings workshops as well as space with amazing view suitable for presentations product launches marketing activities press releases or whatever your needs might be

Green House Co-Working-Space

Greenhouse Co-working Space are firm believers in connectivity and environmental sustainability The work you do or the business you run is more than just a job It is a way to express yourself and we try to support you with the tools to materialize your inner voice.

It is our mission at Greenhouse Co-working Space to create an environment where you feel connected to nature and other people who can move you forward More importantly it is to give back to our host community by implementing sustainable operations and practices

As entrepreneurs we understand the lack of transparency and trust in setting up new or scaling within fast growth markets Greenhouses support ecosystem is designed for growth

Greenhouse Co-working Space have established a network of trusted service providers to create an optimal landing spot where companies can flourish together in new and or challenging markets Greenhouse provides attentive service from staff and all leadership teams

Convenient location in the heart of Jakarta Flexible month to month terms Weekly social and professional events Nature inspired design Vaulted ceilings Natural Lights and lots of plants Access to a package of free services and products to boost your business Initiatives aimed at building and operating with environmental consciousness.

Customizeable private offices according to your needs Operating hours is weekday from nine to eight Every company is different We know that Thus we provide a network of business service providers to choose from in order to create a stable foundation fro your company

Whether it comes to registering your business securing accounting legal printing or relocation services fear no more We have got you covered This content is derived from the website of Greenhouse Go to the website to find more about Greenhouse
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E-mail greenhouse.coworkingspace@gmail.com