Indonesia Beautyful

The beauty of Indonesia country should be preserved and promoted to the world through Culture, religion, food, sights, and all the information about the beauty of Indonesia country. Indonesia is an archaeological country that is so rich and beautiful. But a lot of Indonesian people who do not know and do not use it well. Indonesia consists of diverse culture and nature are so amazing, even some beach or ocean in Indonesia is one of the most beautiful in the world, has a flora and fauna comprehensive in the world, the beauty of the underwater scenery is the main attraction incredible for its beautiful coral reefs.
All travelers will be made welcome and comfortable nature of the beauty of
Indonesia presented. The beauty of Indonesia country can also be viewed from the cultural arts, as each area of the island in Indonesia has the art of different cultures. And of course it is a great asset to promote the
Indonesia nation to the world. The beauty of Indonesia country can be seen also from the flora and fauna, Indonesia has many different species of animals and plants and even the kinds of rare flora and fauna. This species because not all countries have already extinct but have extraordinary Indonesia. Among other species: Fauna: dragons, sea eagle back black, one-horned rhino, horned rhino two and so on. Flora: arnoldi rafflessia giant corpse flower, black orchid, Batam Suntai (Palaquium walsurifolium) and many others.

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