Chelation Therapy, Therapy EDTA

We started Bessie Black’s chelationtherapy the second week of September,1981
Many doctors do not like to treat old people. It’s frustrating because you can’t”cure”old age. But Flora wasn’t ready to give up on her mother. When her neighbor,a nurse,told her about chelation,She hoped for a reprieve.

We started Bessie Black’s chelationtherapy the second week of September,1981. Ten weeks and 20 treatments later she resumed housekeeping,able to care for herself once more. Better still,Bessie celebrated Thanksgiving by cooking dinner – turkey and all trimmings – for a houseful of relatives. filter air There was a family reunion that Bessie’s kinfolk,20 in number,are still talking about.

“Some of my folks hadn’t seen me in a while,and they couldn’t imagine me this much improved,” Bessie chuckled.

“I just never get tired of hearing them marvel at how well I look.”
Ormal Dettor,82 years of age,ws losing her sight. Remarkably healthy for a woman her age,she was bitter at having to curtail her activites and depressed at the prospect of becoming totally blind.

“I love to read,do needlework,paint,watch TV,visit people. I like to walk,garden,and keep busy,” she told me.

“Now,the doctors have told me I have to learn to live like a blind lady. I’ll try anything diet,vitamins, chelation you name it that will help me retain some degree of sight.”

Mrs. Dettor’s medical records confirmed severe macular degeneration,involving problems with central vision in each eye due to atherosclerotic changes in retinal blood vessels on the back surface of the eye. By the time we began chelation treatments, almost all vision was gone from her right eye. Her ophthalmologist had known of other patients suffering with similar macular degeneration who had been dramatically helped by chelation therapy, and so referred Mrs. Dettor to me.
“I just held my breath the first few treatments. I couldn’t see a thing out of my right eye,and the other was gretting worse. Then,after my fifth treatment, I was at home lying on the sofa. For some reason I raised myself up,closed my left eye, and looked out toward the front door and caught sight of the sky and a neighbor’s terrier crossing the lawn.

“I couldn’t believe it! I was seeing and with my bad eye. I jumped up and ran outdoors,holding my breath for fear it wasn’t true. But when I looked all around, and saw the trees and everything okay. I started yelling ‘I can see!A can see’ Let me tell you, I stirred up the neighborhood that day.”

It wasn’t long before Mrs. Dettor was sewing a bit, and reading again. She can even find names in the telephone directory now. The last time she visited me for a follow-up chelation she had just returned from a trip to India and showed off pictures of herself riding on an elephant.

Without exception,chelation physicians have noted that patients almost invariably enjoy multiple benefits. Most experience symptom relief not only from the one specific ailment for which treatment was undertaken, but also from other, secondary complaints a lessening of aches and pains, a reduction of joint stiffness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, mental sluggishness, and general fatigue.

Occasionally, there are dramatic results,such as a recovery from acute paralysis, reversal of blindness, a restoration of hearing. Rex Smith could not use the telephone without and amplifier prior to chelations now he can. Bill Dewhirst,who received 35 chelations following a severe heart attack,was astonished to find his gray hair, especially on his chest,gradually turned dark once again. Bill’s cardiac ejection fraction,measured by noninvasive chelation.

One 67-year-old patient (the only one who requested his name not be used) told me he was able to resume normal sexual function after many years of difficulty. He had been a victim of peyronie’s disease,which is characterized by the formation of hardened scar tissue on one side of the penis causing an erection to be bent at an angle,and making intercourse painful or impossible. After 35 chelations, the scar tissue dissolved completely,and a normal erection was again possible.

At first exposure,many of these recoveries appear miraculous,but to chelation specialists ,who have witnessed scores of “can you top his?” case histories,they have become routine. The scientific literature also contains many case histories that document that chelation frequently pays off in unexpected ways.