Chakadidy Denim

The Chakadidydenim regular mode is made of non-strech material. The regular denim detail material is 80% cotton yarn and 20% non-strech polyester material. With this combined material your regular mode of Chakadidydenim will make you not only the look but the only important one is the comfort.
The Chakadidy denim regular mode is one of our recommended stuff for all ages. Your Chakadidydenim will make your mix and match more elegant, exclusive, extremelly stylish you name it... Your Chakadidydenim will take you higher through another level.
More detail about your regular mode Chakadidydenim, with the more loosely straight down to the heel. The size is about 27-31 foot, the circle was 18 cm ; size 33-39 foot, the circle was 20cm ; and size 41-43 foot, the circle was 21cm.
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