URL Query

urlQuery urlQuery adalah layanan online gratis untuk menguji dan menganalisis URL serta membantu mengidentifikasi konten berbahaya pada suatu website.
Fokus utama urlQuery adalah untuk menemukan dan mendeteksi konten yang mencurigakan dan berbahaya pada halaman Web. Selain itu URL Query juga berfungsi untuk membantu meningkatkan industri keamanan dan membuat internet tempat yang lebih aman.

Currently no service or security solution provide 100% detection of malicious content. The data provided is to help give a second opinion and should not be taken as facts. As with other sandbox technologies it can be detected which can scew or make the results inaccurate, other issues might include browser incompatabilities with settings/configurations within the browser or sandbox.

For feedback, requests or other inquiries please contact us at: contact at urlquery.net
urlQuery's API

There is an API towards the service, which provides the ability to: submit URLs, query for reputation of an URL and get back basic report information provided in the public reports. The API is provided over JSON. The full extent and limitation around the public API is currently being determind. There is also a private API provided to security companies which gives full access to data like urlfeeds, report data and other non-public data.