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Title: Scene Study Class Los Angeles - Mother of Invention Acting School
Description: At the Mother of Invention Acting School, Yale School of Drama directing MFA Andrew Utter teaches reasonably-priced classes in acting technique and scene study.
Classes offer a contemporary refinement of the work of Konstantin Stanislavsky. The goal of the technique is the visceral activation of the actor. Students work on a single scene for 10 weeks, which
affords them the opportunity to dig deeply into the script, character, and scene. Concepts taught include underlying objective, plot objective, action, destination, transference, particularization, and the path through the scene. Students are taught to construct a "Who-am-I?" document. In this document, information about the character that is provided by the script is captured. The student engages in analysis on this information to articulate an underlying objective. Once that is achieved, they are taught to "fan the flames", which means inventing information about the character and situation to heighten the urgency and their vulnerability in a scene.

URL: http://www.utteracting.com

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