Asia Stone Decor

Title: Asia Stone Decor
URL: http://www.michellehwang.com
Description: Asia Stone Decor is Manufacturer of Stone Decor Accessories for Your Home and garden. We were incorporated in Yogyakarta Indonesia more than ten years ago.
Our products are mainly made of the both natural and human made stone; Buddha Sculpture, Buddha Candle Holder and Mosaic Marble Tile; the fiber glassed poly resin, wood working, as well as any kinds of natural fiber.
In addition to the manufacture of decoration accessories and disposable products orders from various countries, our company also accustomed to working order of artworks and aesthetics elements done by project bases.

We have experienced manufacturing orders from various buyers from many countries as well as handling some projects for national institutions. Our products have reached many corners of the globe.

No matter what ideas do you have, no matter what products do want to create, just relay on us. Our talented artist and workers will create them for you on the best quality.

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