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Simple Aja is a blog that provides a variety  review of software, music, movies, and drama.
Judul blog : Simple Aja
URL :  http://simple-aja.info
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Deskripsi: Simple Aja is a blog that provides a variety  review of software, music, movies, and drama.  Also a variety of tips & tricks about electronics and computers.
I wrote on this blog just sharing what I know (especially about computer science and electrical) and what I like (especially for movie, music and drama).

FAQ About This Blog

Q: Why is called “simple-aja”?
A: Because according to my thinking is simple. And therefore I try to make it easy for visitors to download the shared files or try to use the tips and tricks in this blog.
Q: Why do most post written in English rather than Indonesian?
A: Since Google only understands that language. And also, because there are several things required it.
Q: Why in English look strange or chaotic?
A: Maybe because you do not understand the English language or it could be me who was not good at writing in English. Or if you want to blame, just blame Google Translate
Q: Why is the number of blog postings is only a little?
A: Because maybe I’m lazy to create a post and try to avoid posts that simply copying from other blogs. Hopefully as well, I not doing “copy-paste”
Q: But a few posts here seem to just “copy-paste”?
A: Yes almost all English-language posting just “copy-paste”, especially to movies, drama, and music review.
Q: Why so many ads?
A: To assist and support the process of uploading files to the local server. But it seems not to much.

FAQ Related to Content and User

Q: Why feed on this blog is  often occured an error?
A: Because the writing may not fit the wordpress standard. I also don’t want to fix it because I only understand a little about coding php, javascript and html. Usually using feedburner can solve the problem or you can try another browser.
Q: Why can not I see the hidden content?
A: You must log-in to view its contents.
Q: Why is the hidden content?
A: Just for fun only.
Q: Why must complete the captcha?
A: In order to prevent spam. You don’t need to fill the captcha when you have logged-in.
Q: Why sometimes captcha image not show?
A: The possibility of your connection is slow or error/busy on the server side.
Q: What if I want to register but the captcha does not show up / error?
A: Please send email to digitalpos@gmail.com along with the desired username.
Q: Why can not I login?
A: Maybe your username or password you entered is incorrect, or the username you have not or are not approved by us.
Q: Why my user id not yet approved?
A: There may be a mistake on our system or server is busy. Try sending an email manually to digitalpos@gmail.com along with your username. We also prevent spamming, therefore advised to send an email to digitalpos@gmail.com along with your another id (Kaskus,  IDWS, or Facebook) to make sure you are not a bot / spam.

For other questions regarding this blog please send email to digitalpost@yahoo.com or you can YM me!