Perfect (Sempurna)

I see your face before me and then I realized you were so perfect
I pray for this moment that our love will always be stronger

In every step that I take, I believe you were always be by my side
I cannot imagine what my life live without your love

You reaching out my hand
When my whole life
come tumbling down apart
And you whispering the words of wisdom make me feel so fine

Oh, darling, don’t you leave me all alone
Coz without you, I don’t know where to run
Only be with you, I can stand face the world

You are always in my heart
You are always in my soul
You are always in my mine
Completed my whole life
Oh, baby, in my eyes you are so perfect

(Suatu terjemehan bebas dari lagu 'Sempurna' Andra n'The Backbone)