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Siapa yang tak kenal direktori BlogTopSites? Di kalangan blogger, khususnya pemburu backlink berkwalitas, tentu saja nama BlogTopSites sudah sangat tak asing lagi.
BlogTopSites menurut keterangan yang tertulis di halaman About Us nya, di klaim sebagai direktori peringkat blog orisinil yang dibuat sejak tahun 2004.
Nah, buat kamu yang sedang berusaha meng-optimasi blog nya, jangan lewatkan untuk mendaftarkan blog kamu ke direktori BlogTopSite.
Ayo daftarkan blog kalian ke Direktori BlogTopSite dan jangan lupa follow blog Direktori Indonesia ya..

BlogTopSites is the original blog ranking directory since 2004.
With thousands of links from blogs,  
BlogTopSItes has emerged as the "center of the blogosphere".
With a mission to connect bloggers and readers in a meaningful and natural way.
And continuously look for developing tools for blogs, to expand their reach and widen their exposure.
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BlogTopSites offers an opportunity to get your blog discover as also with your profile, there are a lot bloggers and blogs out there and if you don't take the chance to submit and list your blog onto a high profile blog directory then chances are, your blog will only become an island without ships passing by.
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Submitting your blog also gives you an edge to have quality links or backlinks for your blog, it's more like a road that connects to your blog from a highway and it helps your blog to be on top of search engines and be discovered and thus having more chances of having free traffic from targeted visitors.
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BlogTopSites lets you socialize with other bloggers as well, and this helps you have a good blogger profile on the blogosphere and helps you have friends and build audiences even before you start a new blog.
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Have a superb blog that you want others to get noticed? then BlogTopSites Blog directory is a good place to start showing off your blog and get a rank for the niche your Blog belongs.