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Definition of Web Directory

A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links.

web directory
A web directory is not a search engine and does not display lists of web pages based on keywords instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory.  Most web directory entries are also not found by web crawlers but by humans. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories.  

Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness.(from Wikipedia)

This is the list of recommended Blog Directories
  1. Blog Catalog
  2. Blog Directory
  3. Links on Education - FreeDirectorySubmit.com
  4. Blog Indonesia
  5. Bloggers.com - Favourites Blog Directory
  6. Direktori Blog Salingsilang
  7. Direktori Indonesia terUpdate - Seribusatu.com
  8. Indonesian Blogger Community
  9. Planet Blog
  10. Salvida Web Directory
  11. Free Link Directory
  12. Linkorado
  13. Free Stuff- FreeDirectorySubmit.com


Daftar tersebut di atas sudah tidak berlaku lagi karena hampir semua situs direktori dalam daftar tersebut sudah tidak aktif lagi