Blog-Indonesia.com is an and aggregator, made in Indonesia, by Indonesian PHP programmers and enthusiasts. This website is created as our humble contribution to the Indonesian blogging community.

What website is this?
collects blogs related to Indonesia, and presents them either chronologically or categorically.

What is the purpose of this website?
To help Indonesian bloggers and Indonesia-related blogs gain more readerships, and to help people in finding blogs related to Indonesia.

Can any blog be listed in Blog-Indonesia?
Yes, as long as the blog is written by Indonesian, or if not, writes about Indonesia.

How do I register my blog to Blog-Indonesia?
Click "Submit Blog" on the menubar, and enter the necessary information.
Your blog has to have RSS facility in order to be listed.

I have submitted my blog. Then what?
Your blog is on queue. Please be patient.
Blog Indonesia will try to initiate contact to your blog's RSS. Once the contact is successful, your blog will be automatically listed.

URL : http://blog-indonesia.com/